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Sample of the month

Sample Challenge #8
Flickering Neon Tube Light

Deadline: May 10 at 4 pm (GMT+2)

Bolkmar recorded this flickering neon tube light with a Tascam DR05 V2. You can already download the sample and start composing your song. We are looking forward to listening to your compositions with this new Sample.

Compositions by the musicians

Discover our various interpretations

We are thrilled to share the compositions inspired by Bolkmar's sample.


We are mega grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate and compose with so many talented musicians worldwide.

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Lyon 🇫🇷

As a beginner in music production, Full Orchestra has been a great help by giving me the necessary push to actually finish tracks and present my music to others. Joining a kind and growing community has provided me with opportunities to get constructive feedback from other musicians, and even meet other producers in Lyon. I’m looking forward to the new challenges, ideas, and features!

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Berlin 🇩🇪

Before diving into the Full Orchestra Project, I couldn't have imagined creating and completing a track in just one day. Obviously not perfect, but definitely good enough to share with the public, touch it up later, and even consider releasing after on. Starting off with a bit of skepticism, the project has turned out to be a standout moment in my production journey over the past year.

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Berlin 🇩🇪

Getting involved in the Full Orchestra community allowed me to find an outlet for experimentation in music production, as well as connecting with like-minded individuals, be them musicians or not! Having consistent deadlines also pushes me to work on production regularly and helps me finish projects past the loop/arrangements stages.

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Ranae Vallis

Paris 🇫🇷

When I don't have a deadline, I tend to procrastinate. I can add a line or modify the mix for ages if there's no pressing reason to complete a song. However, if I approach it as a fun game, I say to myself, "It's not perfect, but it's done; I'll do better next time." And this deadline/excuse/game finishes with a pleasant moment with other musicians.

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Alexis Delozanne

Paris 🇫🇷

I love creating and sharing music with people I don't know and having music as a first link when I meet them. A lot of positivity can emerge from sharing music. People rarely mention why they wouldn't come back to our music, so having constructive feedback helps me to improve my compositions. Full Orchestra Is also a way to meet musicians in their working space, which is always good for understanding how people make music.
A meaningful and funny exercise

Let's be imperfect

Having a short time to compose a song helps us to reconsider the definition of beauty and perfection. We live in a society where people are afraid to show what they love to create because it's not "perfect". But we see more beauty in an imperfect creation where a musician produces a song with love and vulnerability.

Don't be shy

How to participate

The rules are straightforward.
1- The musicians must use the selected sample
2- Share their composition or draft before the day of the listening session.

Feel free to contact us on Instagram if you would like to organize a listening session in your city.

Download the sample of the month

We carefully select a sample that will trigger your imagination without constraining you to one genre.

Compose your song

Start composing what the sample inspires you. Feel free to experiment with new genres & instruments.

Upload your song on Soundcloud

Upload your song on your Soundcloud profile and share with us the link of your song before the listenning session.

Share the link and join a listening session

On the day of the listening session, we will share the playlist with all the compositions and invite you if there is a listening session in your city.

Explore the stories behind the members

Alexis Delozanne is a musician who explores multiple genres, such as flamenco, bossa nova, and electronic music. He recently released an ambient album called "Presqu’île". Discover his creative process and tips for producing ambient music with a dawless setup.


Explore the stories behind the members

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Clouzer, A Deep Dive into His Transcendental Rhythms

Attention to detail in producing music, creating his label, and a few tips to start producing.
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Alexis Delozanne, behind Presqu’île album

His creative process, including his dawless setup and equipment to record ambient music.
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Previous challenge:

Sample Challenge #5 Ominous Synth

With Resaural, we are traveling to a deep and mysterious world. The intricate use of synthesizers, effects, and filters culminate in an unparalleled atmosphere that evokes memories of the most iconic sci-fi films or the captivating energy of an alternative festival at Kraftwerk.

Compositions by the musicians

Discover our various interpretations

We are thrilled to share the compositions inspired by Resaural's sample.

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